Saturday, August 8, 2015

#KoloTweetUp at Portsmouth

Purrr @Kolo_Martin sure is a busy guy, but he takes time out for #kolo_tweetup wif Twitter pals. I gotz to ride da hovercraft wif Mini-Kolo to meet lots of dems In Portsmouth for lunch, Frankie and Benny's at Gunwharf Quay.

@icypinklemonade (Lillian), @TourGuideTed's
gang (TGT, Frank and Theo), @Chalkybear13
(#FurryTails Chalky Bear, Cuddles, and baboon Joe),
@TabithaTeddy, MiniKolo and a handsome panfur!

Mini-Kolo and I hadz pizza. Plush panfurs lubs pizza!

Playin wif TGT. He lubs kittehs!!

I enjoyed meeting Chalky and Cuddles. Mini-Kolo was
thrilled to catch up wif baboon Joe Baboonosa!

Dey always pudding at a Twitter tweet-up.
Me and Mini-Kolo had yummy chocolate pancakes.

We left early to catch the hovercraft. It was great meeting efurrybody!

Photo credits:
Kolo Martin
Kolo's World

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