Friday, August 2, 2013

At Da Fluffya Zoo

OMC Da lady and my hooman aunty brought me to da Fluffya Zoo!

At da zoo entrance.

Da zoo do haz lions and tigers and bears oh my! Da lady promises dat next time she will let me meets dem. For now I got to meet MiniTiger but he not wanna come home wif us.

Purrr Dis my new furend MiniTiger.

Da Fluffya Zoo is a beautiful 42-acre Victorian Garden. Da wrought-iron front gate and gatehouses are the originals from the 1850's. Walking the path, visitors may turn a corner and discover a fountain, a full-size bronze warthog or a stylized granite mama bear and cub. Even without the animals the zoo grounds are perfect for a leisurely stroll. Yet da zoo is in da middle of the fifth largest city in da US!!!

Da Boi Who Cried Wolf!
Hudson Bay Wolves
Edward Kemeys, 1872

Marching wif da Penguins
Albert Laessle, Albert, 1917

Da Hog of da Covenant. MOL!!
African Warthog
Eric Berg, 1945

OMC I gets between a
Mama bear and her cub!
Bear and Her Cub
Joseph J. Greenberg, 1957

Dey lots of animals at da zoo but my favorite part was Bird Valley.

Fountain at Bird Lake

Yellow-knobbed Curassow a panfur bird!

Photo credits:
L. Ellis
Into the Void
From album ZooRobin