Saturday, September 19, 2015

At Quarr Abbey With @kolo_martin #MiniBreeze

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Purrr My pal @Kolo_Martin took me back to da historic Quarr Abbey in Ryde. Quarr is a Benedictine Abbey with an interesting history.  It was on a site near by until the reformation in the 14th Century when Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries, then the monks went to the continent, they came back and this abbey was finished in 1910 very close to the site of the old abbey.

The signpost helped me find the way.

Looking at the abbey through the big
Moorish expressionist style gates.

Meeting the abbey pigs

Climbing a tree

A signpost pointing to the old abbey ruins

Ruins of the old abbey that was
dissolved in the reformation,
causing the monks to leave.
The stone was used in other building on the island.

And a MiniBreeze in a Pear Tree!!
Pear tree against the abbey garden wall.

Next I visited the Tea Garden & Farm Shop to see all the produce that is grown in the abbey garden and is for sale and to have lunch.

Organic beans from the abbey garden
grown in the abbey garden.

Organic courgettes

Organic apples, corn and tomatoes.

Local delicacies from the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm
and the Mustard Company

Honey from Quarr Abbey's own bees

One of the best parts of Quarr Abbey is the cafe. I love fish and am also very keen on dairy products such as cheese.

A cheese sandwich and with crisps
but I didn't bother with the salad.

Quarr Abbey's famous chocolate and mint slice cake.

I really enjoyed Visiting Quarr Abbey with @kolo_Martin!

Photo credits:
Kolo Martin
Kolo's World