*Invitez Me!*

Purrrr MiniBreeze gonna travel!

Dis tentative itinerary.

Minibreeze I
@danapixie August 2013
@grrlysquirrel75 September 2013
@MaggieTKat October 2013
@pantherqueen April 2014
@pumpkinpuddy May 2014 blogpaws!
@LadyGreyFox June 2014
@PankythePanfur September 2014
 @Mattiedog Visiting! March 2017
 @SeattleP 2017 
 @Midnight FormerFeral 2017 
 @Skye and Sonny2018

Minibreeze II
@Mariodacat September 2013
@Petiethecat Staying furrever!!!

Minibreeze III
@Kolo_Martin April 2015
 @pepismartdogSeptember 2015
     and @Angel Isagold

Purrr Want to host MiniBreeze? Readz What do #MiniBreeze Like to Do? Da two main things is please be able to provide me wif at least one free, royalty-free photo for dis bloggy and be able to afford to ship UPS or other shipper wif tracking to my next destination.

It easy to tracks UPS.

Leave a comment on dis post and I will put you on da list!

Invitations will be extended on twitter. Please follow @kittehboi.


  1. Mom might be going to Alaska next May. And she's going to Blogpaws in May. Can mini breeze come visit us for all of May 2014? @pumpkinpuddy

    1. Purrr Dat would sure be fun! Adding you to itinerary!


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1. Readz What do #MiniBreeze Like to Do?
2. Leave a comment on *Invitez Me!*
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