Saturday, February 1, 2014

Arriving at @PantherQueen's House

CJ meets her new furriends #MiniBreeze and @Edgardakitty

Purrr I said goodbye to @maggietKat and now I visiting CJ. She a most beautiful @pantherqueen. Funny thing was, my pal @Edgardakitty came along for da ride. Wasn't CJ surprised!!!

Nomming Salad wif Miss CJ.

Ear Licks!

Resting with @Edgardakitty
after fun first day at CJ
@pantherqueen's house.

CJ gonna show us around town and I can hardsly wait!
Arboretum and peacocks - I hoping a peacock will pose for us!

OMC maybe we see Kings vs Flyers game Saturday!

I lubz zambonis!

Photo credits:
M. Di Giuro
except MiniBreeze on zamboni