Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Wild Kangaroo! @pepismartdog #MiniBreeze

Wordless Wednesday: In Our Backyard

Oh purrrr I meeted wild kangaroos at @PepiSmartdog's house in Straylia! Dey was very nice.

Selfie wif my new furiend!

Saying hello to another Kangaroo

Photo credits:
Michele Brown

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Meeting Da Cats at @PepiSmartDog's House #MiniBreeze

APPLE - TAHNI - SUKI / Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Purrrr It was time to leave my pals in da UK. Now I in Straylia at @PepiSmartdog's house. Pepi not here cuz he busy OTRB but he has kitteh sibs who showin me around.

Tahni fell in love wif a MiniBreeze
and tickled me under my chin.

Pretty Suki showed me some Yoga moves.

Chillin wif Apple. He too cool!

Photo credits:
Michele Brown

Saturday, September 19, 2015

At Quarr Abbey With @kolo_martin #MiniBreeze

Kolo's world: Kolo's World » #MiniBreeze at Quarr Abbey

Purrr My pal @Kolo_Martin took me back to da historic Quarr Abbey in Ryde. Quarr is a Benedictine Abbey with an interesting history.  It was on a site near by until the reformation in the 14th Century when Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries, then the monks went to the continent, they came back and this abbey was finished in 1910 very close to the site of the old abbey.

The signpost helped me find the way.

Looking at the abbey through the big
Moorish expressionist style gates.

Meeting the abbey pigs

Climbing a tree

A signpost pointing to the old abbey ruins

Ruins of the old abbey that was
dissolved in the reformation,
causing the monks to leave.
The stone was used in other building on the island.

And a MiniBreeze in a Pear Tree!!
Pear tree against the abbey garden wall.

Next I visited the Tea Garden & Farm Shop to see all the produce that is grown in the abbey garden and is for sale and to have lunch.

Organic beans from the abbey garden
grown in the abbey garden.

Organic courgettes

Organic apples, corn and tomatoes.

Local delicacies from the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm
and the Mustard Company

Honey from Quarr Abbey's own bees

One of the best parts of Quarr Abbey is the cafe. I love fish and am also very keen on dairy products such as cheese.

A cheese sandwich and with crisps
but I didn't bother with the salad.

Quarr Abbey's famous chocolate and mint slice cake.

I really enjoyed Visiting Quarr Abbey with @kolo_Martin!

Photo credits:
Kolo Martin
Kolo's World

Saturday, August 8, 2015

#KoloTweetUp at Portsmouth

Purrr @Kolo_Martin sure is a busy guy, but he takes time out for #kolo_tweetup wif Twitter pals. I gotz to ride da hovercraft wif Mini-Kolo to meet lots of dems In Portsmouth for lunch, Frankie and Benny's at Gunwharf Quay.

@icypinklemonade (Lillian), @TourGuideTed's
gang (TGT, Frank and Theo), @Chalkybear13
(#FurryTails Chalky Bear, Cuddles, and baboon Joe),
@TabithaTeddy, MiniKolo and a handsome panfur!

Mini-Kolo and I hadz pizza. Plush panfurs lubs pizza!

Playin wif TGT. He lubs kittehs!!

I enjoyed meeting Chalky and Cuddles. Mini-Kolo was
thrilled to catch up wif baboon Joe Baboonosa!

Dey always pudding at a Twitter tweet-up.
Me and Mini-Kolo had yummy chocolate pancakes.

We left early to catch the hovercraft. It was great meeting efurrybody!

Photo credits:
Kolo Martin
Kolo's World

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Walk in Fishbourne @kolo_martin #MiniBreeze

Purrr @kolo took me to Fishbourne. I saw some cool stufs. Historical buildings... in da US we gots NUFFIN before 1600 or so. And farm animals!

13th century Holy Cross church, Binstead.

Ruins of a medieval Benedictine abbey, Quarr.
King Henry VIII dissolved all of the monasteries
like this one after he inventeds Anglican. MOL!!

OMC Floofy lambs!

Da waterfront at Fishbourne. So dramatic!

Dis da car ferry. I can't waits to ride it!

Photo credits:
Kolo Martin
Kolo's World

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sharing A Sossidj Samwish Wiv @HenryandFriends #Minibreeze

Henry shares his sossidj samwish wif me

Purrr I did haz lunch wif @HenryandFriends and @kolo_martin. Henry shared his sossidj samwish wif me. He eats LOTS for such a tiny bear. Kolo let me try his fish fingers. Fish in da US hassnt got fingers but in Inglund dey has most tasty fingers. You learns sumpfin new every day.

Kolo blogged about our day wif pictures and efurrything.
#MiniBreeze meets Henry and another couple of things

Kolo say we gets to go on a ferry soon. Won't dat be fun!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Bembridge wif @kolo_martin #MiniBreeze

Kolo's world » MiniBreeze 1

Purrrr Kolo took me on an outing!

Standing on books to look outside.

Checking out da weather for sunpuddles

The sea from the cliff path in Bembridge

Kolo say "Cats have quite a lot in common with baboons
because they both enjoy climbing trees."

Hiding in da primroses

Havin a look at Whitecliff Bay

A better view from the other side of the bay

Climbed up the gate

On Her Majesty's Coastguard

Kolo promises we takes another trip out next weekend. YAY!

Photo credits:
Kolo Martin
Kolo's World

Sunday, April 12, 2015

#minibreeze Watching the game @kolo_martin

Watching the game with monkeys
from Baboon HQ!

@kolo_Martin iz a huge Arsenal fan, dat why he wear da red shirt. I gotz to watch footie with Kolo and da monkeys.

I lubs sports. And I lubs football! (Ob:US soccer)

Photo credits:
Kolo Martin
Kolo's World

Friday, April 10, 2015

In Iglund wif @kolo_Martin! #Minibreeze

Purrr I arrived in Inglund where I met my twitter pal @Kolo_Martin at Baboon HQ. There are so many baboons here! Kolo is going to show me around and we will even get to meet dat sweet bear @HenryandFriends in da fur!! Maybe we do some #keepfits together!

#MiniBreeze meets @Kolo_Martin
and gets a hug!!

#MiniBreeze meets some of the
Baboon HQ baboons! Lots more to meet!

Photo credits:
Kolo Martin
Kolo's World

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Introducing Flat Cassidy @LadyGreyFox @Pankythepanther #minibreeze

Purrr I posting late but better late dan nebber. I visited @PankythePanfur and his brofur Troyer. Dey very nice and nommed me most carefully.

When I arrived I found I had a new travelling companion, Flat Cassidy. She is a White Tiger and roars most fiercely. Thank you @LadyGreyFox!

Miss Edna asks "Oh-Forgive me - Who do we have
the pleasure of hosting?"
@LadyGreyFox says "Oh that's #flatCassidy!
#minibreeze new companion.
Can't cosplay Doctor Who without one. Hehe"

Panky not so sure about #minibreeze and #flatcassidy!

(From 9/24/2014)

Photo credits:
Mancat Musings

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Whovian Fez and Bowtie by @ladygreyfox #minibreeze

Mia helping #minibreeze inspect fabric.
Meow, is that plaid I see there?

#minibreeze (right) and his pal mister breeze
checking out fabric for his fez.

My new Whovian Fez and bowtie.
I made the postal lady squee!

Photo credits:
Lady Grey Fox
Foxes Period Costumes

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bring Your #MiniBreeze To Work Day @LadyGreyFox

OMC It "Bring Your Dog To Work" Day. I not sure why a #MiniBreeze went but I sure did haz fun!

double mister breeze, #MiniBreeze (front),
and da office fox.

It's bring your #minibreeze to work day!
Double mister breeze (left) and #MiniBreeze

Photo credits:
Lady Grey Fox
Foxes Period Costumes