Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Wild Kangaroo! @pepismartdog #MiniBreeze

Wordless Wednesday: In Our Backyard

Oh purrrr I meeted wild kangaroos at @PepiSmartdog's house in Straylia! Dey was very nice.

Selfie wif my new furiend!

Saying hello to another Kangaroo

Photo credits:
Michele Brown

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Meeting Da Cats at @PepiSmartDog's House #MiniBreeze

APPLE - TAHNI - SUKI / Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Purrrr It was time to leave my pals in da UK. Now I in Straylia at @PepiSmartdog's house. Pepi not here cuz he busy OTRB but he has kitteh sibs who showin me around.

Tahni fell in love wif a MiniBreeze
and tickled me under my chin.

Pretty Suki showed me some Yoga moves.

Chillin wif Apple. He too cool!

Photo credits:
Michele Brown