Saturday, August 24, 2013

Meeting TSK at @danapixie's house!

OMC, #MiniBreeze is at @danapixie's house meeting dat fabulous stripeycat TSK!!

Tsk. Checking out box!!!
He hears something!!

Meeting TSK!!! Nosetaps!

Iz tired after my travels.
TSK has shown me the top tower of his cat tree!!

Shhhh we are sleeping. :)

Photo credits:
Dana Moody
Meandering Moodys

Friday, August 23, 2013

OMC, Gonna Meet @Danapixie!

MiniBreeze going visiting! @danapixie on Twitpic
OMC OMC OMC #MiniBreeze going to see @danapixie!

update 8/23/2013:
OMC OMC OMC MiniBreeze is in Miss Dana's town!!! He on a truck for delivery!!!