Saturday, February 28, 2015

Introducing Flat Cassidy @LadyGreyFox @Pankythepanther #minibreeze

Purrr I posting late but better late dan nebber. I visited @PankythePanfur and his brofur Troyer. Dey very nice and nommed me most carefully.

When I arrived I found I had a new travelling companion, Flat Cassidy. She is a White Tiger and roars most fiercely. Thank you @LadyGreyFox!

Miss Edna asks "Oh-Forgive me - Who do we have
the pleasure of hosting?"
@LadyGreyFox says "Oh that's #flatCassidy!
#minibreeze new companion.
Can't cosplay Doctor Who without one. Hehe"

Panky not so sure about #minibreeze and #flatcassidy!

(From 9/24/2014)

Photo credits:
Mancat Musings