What do #MiniBreeze Like to Do?

MiniBreeze want to visitz you!

Purrrr MiniBreeze want to be in pixchurs wif you and your hoomans in your hometown.

Da main things are
  • Please be able to afford to ship UPS or other shipper wif tracking. It easy to tracks UPS.
  • Please be able to upload digital photos to da webby.
  • Please know how to use hashtag #MiniBreeze.

Tweets wif hashtag #MiniBreeze so I can finds it!

When MiniBreeze arrives, please tweet @kittehboi so he not worry!
Tweets wif hashtag #Minibreeze so I can finds it!
Take pixchurs and posts dem somewhere. Den tweet wif hashtag #Minibreeze.

I will grab copies and post dem on da bloggy along wif your tweety name and your caption just like da pixchur above.

Deyz swag in da box wif MiniBreeze. Takes one!

Ok, dis important: When you donez habbing fun @kittehboi will tell you who is next and DM da snail mail address. Please don't send to anybody else! I dussnt want to get lost!

Please ship MiniBreeze to next furiend by UPS or other trackable shipper and DM @kittehboi da tracking number. Dis also important: Don't tweet da shipping number in public for privacy reasons.

Purrrr MiniBreeze wants to visitz you!


  1. I could host Mini-Breeze if he wants to come to UK! We live on a lovely island with beaches and countryside!

    1. Will add you to the itinerary! Will ask who is ok shipping to the UK.

  2. Mini-Breeze can come hang with me, @4CatTweets and the Earl. How's he feel about the desert? LadyGreyFox


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