Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kirkwood Farmer's Market Wif @maggietkat

Purrrr @ParkerSKat and @MaggieTKat's momWanda took me and my pal @Edgardakitty shopping at da Kirkwood Farmer's Market. We played among da punkins and hadz fun!!

After dat Darling Millie's stunt double came to visits. She is most beeyootiful.

Fall Colors
At Kirkwood Farmer's Market
Wif momWanda and @Edgardakitty

Darling Millie's Stunt Double
Is MOST Beeyootyful!

Photo credits:
@ParkerSKat and @MaggieTKat
Kruse Kats

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Needz A Bigger Boat!

Purrr Miss Michelle tookz me to Boston Harbor to see da boats! I not like swimmings but it sure was pretty!

Looking Out Over Boston Harbor.

We Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!

Photo credits:
Michelle Stringer
The Best Me That I Can Be

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Naptime Wif @Mariodacat And Koko The Monkey

Purrr I hadz lots of fun wif @Mariodacat, Plush Mario and M. We went to da dentistz to get our teefs cleaned. We wentz to da hairdresser to get our whiskers curled. We wentz to eye doctor to show off our super cat vision eyes.

And of course I made LOTS of new furends (and hooman friends!). Mario's M was great to take me efurrywhere wif her. Efurrywhere she took me she introduced me around. Mario's dad was ok but he didn't take me to art class. I would have posed for dems! And @PumpkinPuddy's mom was cool too.

And I met some great stuffies. Plush Mario, of course, Lippe Jr., Koko the Monkey. (Did I miss someone? Please remind me so I can add them.)

Next stop will be at @PetietheCat's house in Candadia. Can hardly wait to meet da monsters!

Naptime Wif @Mariodacat and Koko The Monkey.

Purrr. Naptime wif @Mariodacat.
Tomorrow I leaves to visitz @PetietheCat in Candadia!

Photo credits:
Mary Roever
Mario's Meowsings