Tuesday, October 8, 2013

@MariodaCat's D.I.E.T. Food

OMC, @Mariodacat's M putted him on a special D.I.E.T. for f.a.t. kitties. He don't look f.a.t. to me. He doesn't get to clean @sisfurcats' plates every night.

Hungry Mario waiting by his food bowl.

He gets like NO food, only 3/4 can of Hill's Prescription Diet a day and 1.2 cup of Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic a day!! I went with M and Plush Mario to pick up some from da vet lady.

Minibreeze and Plush Mario At the vet
getting Mariodacat's d.i.e.t. food

Maybe I invitez Mario to live here. I gets to finish off @sisfurcats Chilipepper's food and there is plenty to share!

Photo credit:
Mary Roever
Mario's Meowsings


  1. I'm moving in with you pal., I'm starving here! Packing my bag now and hopping in my magic tunnel.

    1. Sisfurcats Chilipepper never finishes her plate so there is PLENTY of extra food!


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