Saturday, October 5, 2013

#MiniBreeze At Da Kitchen Store Wif @MaggieTKat

Purrr Just found lost photos! @MaggieTKat took me to da kitchen store to shop for coffee!

Photo credits:
@MaggieTKat and @ParkerSKat
Kruse Kats

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

@ParkerSKat Hosts #MiniBreeze!

I am visiting @ParkerSKat and @MaggieTKat! My buddy @EdgardaKitty showed up too We are looking forward to a great time in SL.

#minibreeze has arrived!
Does he have an itinerary for St. Louis sites?

ParkerSKat is nomming da boi!

Look who is hanging in mom's chair!
@EdgardaKitty and #MiniBreeze.

Visiting @MariodaCat and @Pumpkinpuddy

OMC! I went outside wif Floofy @MariodaCat and @Pumpkinpuddy's Lippe Jr.!

From Pumpkinpuddy
From Pumpkinpuddy
From Pumpkinpuddy

Monday, September 30, 2013

Meeting @Mariodacat

OMC, I did meet Mariodacat. He a bery sweet boy. After I was outside wif him we snuggled and went to sleeps!

On trip wif @Mariodacat and @PumpkinPuddy's mom.

@Mariodacat and me getting ready to take a nap at end of day.
Tired from all the fresh air.