Monday, October 7, 2013

Cat's Eyes With @Mariodacat

Plush Mario and I had fun meeting people around town. We went with M on her trip to the eye doctor to check her eyes after Cataract surgery.

Cataracts is when the lens of the eye becomes opaque. There are lots of possible causes but the main point is that both hoomans and animals can get Cataracts and may gradually go blind. Mario's M had surgery to fix and now she can see all the fur Mario has been smearing on her clothes since she put him on his d.i.e.t. Mario talked about it on his bloggy as D.I.E.T. = STARVATION.

Did you know that we cats can still see just fine when it looks pitch black to our humans? We have a reflective layer behind retina called the tapetum which helps amplify the light.

MiniBreeze and Plush Mario helping check M's eyes.

Photo credits:
Mary Roever
Mario's Meowsings

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