Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sharing A Sossidj Samwish Wiv @HenryandFriends #Minibreeze

Henry shares his sossidj samwish wif me

Purrr I did haz lunch wif @HenryandFriends and @kolo_martin. Henry shared his sossidj samwish wif me. He eats LOTS for such a tiny bear. Kolo let me try his fish fingers. Fish in da US hassnt got fingers but in Inglund dey has most tasty fingers. You learns sumpfin new every day.

Kolo blogged about our day wif pictures and efurrything.
#MiniBreeze meets Henry and another couple of things

Kolo say we gets to go on a ferry soon. Won't dat be fun!

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  1. Always great to see Henry! We had a fun lunch!! We love having #MiniBreeze visiting!


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