Sunday, March 30, 2014

Meeting Mr. Pelican... NOT!!!

@PantherQueen's mom took me to da beach. It was lots of fun and she took bunches of photos. We almost got one real close to a pelican, but there were too many people around. She didn't want Mr Pelican to fly off with me.

OMC! Dat pelican could scoop up a little #MiniBreeze and nom he like a furry black fish.

Or fly me to CATalina Island! CATalina island MOL!!!! Poor MiniBreeze!

I tinks I like CATalina, but not while traveling in a pelican's pouch.

I dussnt want to fly to CATalina Island!

Purrr Dis da real Mr. Pelican. I did hide in CJ's mom's purse. MOL!!

Where's that little black kitteh?

Photo credits:
Pelicans by
Rui Ornelas from Lisboa, Portugal
Wikimedia Commons
Photoshopped by MiniBreeze

M. Di Giuro

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